Radiolife Covid-19 test is fast and efficient

Radiolife Covid-19 test is fast and efficient

Teste de Covid-19 da Radiolife é rápido e eficiente

Under development at Radiolife since March 2020, Covid-19's diagnostic equipment has shown its effectiveness since the first tests. Called Cubescan, the solution uses radio frequency technology. The result of the Covid-19 test comes out in 10 seconds and the processing does not require the use of reagents.

Radiolife partnered with national laboratories and trained employees to use the equipment. The first days of calibration were used to track the electromagnetic behavior of the new coronavirus. Subsequently, the device returned to the laboratory for final adjustment. "This first battery of tests was very important for the final calibration of the equipment. We have also started the authorization process with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). After the release, it can already be marketed," explain computer scientist Sergio Schirmer and electrical engineer Willians Dias, creators of the solution.

Radiolife is a Silicon Valley-based startup. The company focuses on innovation and development of technologies to increase human longevity. Prior to the pandemic and in addition to the Covid-19 test, the company already had patented solutions for the health area. Among them, a technology for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, also based on radiofrequency.

Meet Cubescan:

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