Radiolife focuses on diagnosis and studies other applications of Cube Scan 

Radiolife focuses on diagnosis and studies other applications of Cube Scan 

Radiolife foca no diagnóstico e estuda outras aplicações do Cube Scan 

Currently under development at Radiolife, the Cube Scan is a solution for Covid-19 diagnosis that is undergoing the authorization process with regulatory agencies and competent bodies to start marketing. But beyond this application, Radiolife focuses on diagnosis and envisions other uses for the solution. 

The idea of the company's owners, computer scientist Sergio Schirmer and electrical engineer Willians Dias, is that the basic technology developed for the Cube Scan can be used as a solution for diagnosing other pathogens. "The Cube Scan design was initially designed to detect biological nanostructures. This encompasses the detection of various types of viruses, bacteria and protozoa," says Dias. In other words, the technology can be used to diagnose other viruses. Besides Sars-COV-2, it could detect nanostructures such as influenza and streptococcus, and also antibodies. It would be possible, for example, to adapt the equipment for the detection of antibodies that protect against Covid-19.

In early 2020, with the worldwide pandemic of the new coronavirus, the company turned its research and development efforts to creating a Covid-19 diagnostic device that could collaborate in addressing the health emergency. Radiolife focuses on diagnosis and this was already part of the company's mission. The goal is to develop innovative technologies to increase quality of life and reduce pain.


Just like Cube Scan itself, the other ideas for applying the technology are still under development. Sergio Schirmer, one of the owners of Radiolife, says the current focus is on the Cube Scan, to act in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic and collaboration for the resumption of economic and social activities with more security. "We want to make that impact on people's quality of life and longevity. Cube Scan is a first application, but not the only one", emphasized Schirmer. 

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