Radiolife presents to Lacen the results of clinical trials performed in the Laboratory 

Radiolife presents to Lacen the results of clinical trials performed in the Laboratory 

Radiolife apresenta ao Lacen resultados de testes clínicos realizados no Laboratório 

In an online meeting this Monday (19/4), Radiolife presented to the Central Laboratory of Espírito Santo (Lacen) the results of the efficacy of Cube Scan, a device for diagnosis of Covid-19 under development in the company and whose clinical tests were performed in the Laboratory last March. In all, 1357 samples were processed in the Cube Scan. The same samples were submitted to the RT-PCR exam and the equivalence of results between the two methods was 99.7%. 

Among the 1357 tests processed, 493 were positive and 864 were negative. The tests also included samples from the British (B 1.1.7) and Brazilian (P1) variants. In these cases, the performance of the Cube Scan was also efficient. Radiolife asked Sesa for a larger volume of samples of the variants to reinforce the efficiency found.

The presentation of the clinical trials' results was attended by the State Secretary of Health of Espírito Santo, Nésio Fernandes, the director of Lacen, Rodrigo Rodrigues and the co-founders of Radiolife and creators of the technology, Sérgio Schirmer and Willians Dias. The state secretary of health said: "The state will be your partner, we hope to provide feedback afterwards". 

Equipment under development at Radiolife for diagnosis of Covid-19, the Cube Scan uses radio frequency-based technology. The test does not use reagents and does not need to be processed in a laboratory environment. The result is immediate and the solution is portable. This means it could be used in schools, airports, stadiums and events, contributing to safety in the performance of various activities.

Next steps

A partnership signed between Radiolife and Lacen on January 29 made clinical trials possible and will now have new steps: trials for the diagnosis of Covid-19 from saliva. The Radiolife team already provided for the diagnosis also from this type of sample. "We appreciate the opportunity, it will be excellent to perform the tests in Lacen and continue this partnership", analyzed the head of the Engineering Division and co-founder of Radiolife, Willians Dias. 

Besides the tests with saliva samples, the Radiolife team explained about the arrangements for marketing the equipment. "We are doing the registration process with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa). When approved, we will start marketing the product," said the CEO and co-founder of Radiolife, Sergio Schirmer. 

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