Cubescan performs rapid and accurate tests using innovative technology for the detection of the Sars-Cov-2 virus in swab or saliva samples. The device is lightweight and portable, and the internationally patented technology allows the test to be performed in 10 seconds, without the need to use reagents.

How it works

To diagnose covid-19, simply insert the sample into the device and press a button. Green indicates negative for Sars-Cov-2 and red, positive. No reagents or chemical processes are required. Also, no additional equipment is used to analyze the sample and therefore processing does not need to be done in a laboratory environment.


The Cube Scan uses radiofrequency. The sample to be analyzed is bombarded with radio waves and the equipment is tuned to resonate with the virus RNA and proteins associated with the disease. If they resonate, the result is positive. If they do not resonate, it is negative.


Development of the technology began three years ago, with a focus on cancer diagnosis and treatment. With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world population faces many difficulties: number of deaths increasing, many people losing their jobs and companies going bankrupt. In this context, the founders of Radiolife decided to turn their efforts to the ability of the equipment to diagnose Covid-19. The goal is mass and frequent testing. If approved by regulatory agencies, the Cube Scan can be used in places such as schools, airports, stadiums, movie theaters and events in general.

Current stage

The development of the equipment is in the phase of clinical tests and final adjustments. In parallel, the company is seeking to register the device with the competent authorities, such as Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

During the development process, partnerships were established with national laboratories, such as the Laboratório Central do Espírito Santo (Lacen).

Next steps

The next steps are registration with regulatory agencies and the approval of partner laboratories. From there, the production process will begin in scale to supply the domestic market. The goal is to solve or alleviate the current economic situation, allowing people, companies and government agencies to resume activities with more confidence and security.


While awaiting the proper authorizations for marketing, Radiolife is raising interest in acquisition. This step contributes to accurate measurement of demand and tax study for cost composition.