Positivity and optimism help to have a healthier life

positividade e otimismo

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Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? Many movies and books have already shown this reflection. The amount of liquid is the same, but the way you look at it is what makes the difference. According to some studies, facing life with positivity and optimism helps to be healthier, reduce stress and anxiety.

According to the Michaelis Online dictionary, positivity means "Attribute of what is positive"; "Favorable disposition of the person to constructive attitudes". Positivity is also frequently associated with optimism, which can be defined as "an abstract feeling, which refers to a positive look to the present and especially to the future, even in situations of extreme difficulty", according to story in Estadão.


According to the site UOL Viva Bemin 2019, a study published by the journal JAMA Network Open revealed that people who identify themselves as optimistic have about a third less chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke. Also according to the publication, this does not mean that having positive attitudes is synonymous with curing diseases, but scientists explain that being optimistic makes the person be more inclined to have a healthier lifestyle, with exercise and outdoor activities, balanced diet and still avoiding vices harmful to health, such as alcohol consumption, drugs and smoking.

For the writer Heloisa Capelas, author of books like "Forgiveness - The Missing Revolution" and "Map of Happiness", negative thoughts tend to sabotage emotional, physical and mental health. That's why, she suggests to be important the attentive look to the state of mind and, in particular, the way you deal with obstacles.

Heloisa reminds us that positivity "does not mean being happy all the time, because that is almost impossible". According to her, in practice, it means that you belong to this world and can control how you react to different situations. "So you can understand that if something happens to you, it happens for a reason. So, if a bad or unpleasant situation arises, you will ask: what good does it do me? What does it teach me? This attitude, in itself, is already a way of practicing optimism and keeping pessimism at bay", explains Heloisa in article for the Catho website.

Positivity and optimism

Science has also pointed out that optimism and positivity can be cultivated. Radiolife has adopted positivity as one of its values and believes in the power of this habit. Here are some tips to develop it, according to neurosurgeon and neuroscientist Fernando Gomes, in article for Veja Saúde magazine:

  • Recognize a positive event in your life every day;
  • Identify personal qualities and observe how one makes use of them;
  • Set achievable goals and evaluate your progress;
  • Practice acts of kindness daily;
  • Say thank you.


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Image: Image by Engin Akyurt by Pixabay 

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