Cube Scan: covid-19 diagnosis in 10 seconds

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Portable device, ideal for mass and frequent testing. Meet the solution for diagnosis of covid-19 in development at Radiolife

Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Focused on Diagnostics and Therapeutics, our mission is to increase longevity with quality of life through technology development.

Radio frequency

Our patented radio frequency-based technology is a platform created to bring the world’s diagnostics and therapeutics to the next level.

Value offer

We want to revolutionize the industry with our non-invasive and rapid diagnostic and treatment technologies.

Covid-19 virus

Our history was marked by the covid-19 pandemic and, from the beginning, we turned our expertise to contribute to addressing the health emergency.

About our technology

Radiolife products use radiofrequency-based technology, which is also used in procedures such as MRI, radiotherapy and radiofrequency ablation.

The use of radiofrequency for disease diagnosis such as covid-19 is a breakthrough innovation whose patented technology is currently under development.

Radiolife's patented technology could also be used to diagnose diseases other than covid-19, because the Cube Scan design was initially designed to detect biological nanostructures. This encompasses the detection of various types of viruses, bacteria and protozoa

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