Radiolife studies production of equipment for diagnosis of Covid-19 in Brazil

Radiolife studies production of equipment for diagnosis of Covid-19 in Brazil

Radiolife estuda produção de equipamento para diagnóstico de Covid-19 no Brasil

On Monday (28/12), the Scientific Committee and the Engineering Division of Radiolife discussed the possibility of producing nationally the Cube Scan, when authorized for commercialization. This solution is in the final stages of development at the company for Covid-19 diagnostics.

The device has several advantages that would allow the company to make the test available on a mass scale. The idea arose from the high demand for the equipment in Brazil. "We are still evaluating the tax burden and other taxes involved in manufacturing," said one of the company's owners, Sergio Schirmer.

Radiolife is a startup incorporated in Delaware, also present in Silicon Valley, where it conducts research and development activities. Therefore, after the proper authorizations by regulatory agencies, the solution would arrive in Brazil by means of import/export.

Since March 2020, Radiolife has been working on a solution for safe and rapid diagnosis of Covid-19. In short, the decision was made after realizing the low hit rate of rapid tests and the delay in the results of other types of exams. Based on radio frequency technology, the solution provides results in 10 seconds. Besides the speed, the processing does not require the use of reagents.


Soon after the pandemic was declared, Radiolife made a decision. The company turned its research and development sector to the creation of a solution for diagnosis of the new coronavirus. Now, it is seeking the registration of the equipment before the competent authorities, such as the Anvisa and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

The company focuses on innovation and development of technologies to increase human longevity. It already had patented solutions for the health area, such as a technology for cancer diagnosis and treatment.

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