Cube Scan is in clinical trials at Sesa

Cube Scan is in clinical trials at Sesa

Cube Scan está em fase de testes clínicos na Sesa

After partnership between Radiolife and Secretariat of Health of Espírito Santo State (Sesa), celebrated on January 29, seven Cube Scans are in clinical trials at the Central Laboratory of Espírito Santo (Lacen).

Cube Scan is the solution developed by the company for diagnosis of the new coronavirus (Sars-Cov-2). The equipment has been in clinical trials at Sesa since early February.

Cube Scan in clinical trials

At first, a Cube Scan was installed in Lacen to capture initial parameters. In other words,this is a data collection phase that helps the equipment understand the behavior patterns of the new coronavirus when in contact with radiofrequency, which is the technology used in the solution.

In this phase, the samples collected at Lacen are inserted in the Cube Scan, which stores and processes the data. Soon after the end of this step, a report will be generated for Lacen. In summary, this document will include comparative data between the PCR tests and the exams processed in the Radiolife equipment.  

The electrical engineer Willians Dias is one of the creators of the solution. He explains that from the processing of these first samples, the device "learns to differentiate a sample that has to a sample that does not have Sars-Cov-2". Thus, the accumulation of data measured during this phase is stored in the technology. That is, once this phase of capturing the virus parameters is over, it will not be necessary to perform this step again. 

Diagnostic mode

Continuing the clinical trials of the Cube Scan at Sesa, the calibration for the diagnostic mode has begun. In short, this is the mode where the exam itself will be performed. Dias points out that the final calibration phase at Sesa is important for determining sensitivity and specificity data. These data will indicate possible adjustments for the full operation of the tool. 

According to Willians, the estimate is that by next Monday (8/3), the Cube Scan enters diagnostic mode. Thereafter, the machines will "use" the parameters for detection of Sars-Cov-2 fixed in the previous phase.  

The Cube Scans are operating in Sesa on an experimental basis. A final report will be submitted to the Secretariat for evaluation in order to confirm the effectiveness of the equipment. 


In parallel with clinical trials, Radiolife is preparing the documentation for the authorization process with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) for the sale of the Cube Scan. As soon as the permits are issued, large-scale manufacturing will be arranged.



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