Cube Scan begins clinical trials in partner labs

Cube Scan begins clinical trials in partner labs

Cube Scan inicia testes clínicos em laboratórios parceiros

Radiolife delivered on Tuesday (7/12), to partner laboratories, the version of the Cube Scan to start clinical trials. The device, still under development, aims to diagnose Covid-19 and is based on radiofrequency technology.

In this phase of clinical trials of Cube Scan, final adjustments of the equipment begin. The Covid-19 diagnostic solution delivers results in 10 seconds. In addition, the processing does not require the use of reagents.

In parallel, the company seeks the authorizations from the competent bodies, such as Anvisato start marketing the product.


The Cube Scan began to be developed after Radiolife turned its research and development sector to the creation of a solution for diagnosis of the new coronavirus. The company is a startup incorporated in Delaware, with presence also in Silicon Valley, where it conducts research and development activities. Since March 2020, it has been developing Covid-19 testing equipment.

Prior to the creation of Cube Scan, the innovation and technology development company for increasing human longevity already had patented solutions for the health area. Among the solutions already developed is a technology for diagnosis and treatment of cancer, also based on radiofrequency.

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