Meet Cube Scan, solution under development in Radiolife for diagnosis of Covid-19

Meet Cube Scan, solution under development in Radiolife for diagnosis of Covid-19

Conheça o Cube Scan, solução em desenvolvimento na Radiolife para diagnóstico de Covid-19

Meet the Cube Scan, equipment for diagnosis of Covid-19 that is in the final stages of development in Radiolife. The clinical trials are occurring in the Central Laboratory of Espírito Santo (Lacen). The partnership starts after an agreement signed between the company and the Health Secretariat of Espírito Santo (Sesa). Below, learn more details about the technology.


The Cube Scan is designed to be a lightweight and portable device. The goal is that it can be used in hospital and laboratory environments, but also in outdoor locations. In other words, it can be taken to stadiums, airports, events, among other situations. With this tool, it will be possible to provide more security to those who frequent these spaces and collaborate in their full operation. The device is shaped like a cube and weighs about 1.2 kg. 

equipamento diagnóstico Covid-19

Meet the Cube Scan, equipment developed by Radiolife for diagnosis Covid-19

Easy installation

The Cube Scan needs a flat surface. To turn it on, simply plug it into the wall socket. The equipment is bivolt and can be connected to the internet.  

Easy handling

The Cube Scan is capable of diagnosing Covid-19 using either a swab or saliva sample. No reagent or consumables are required. The sample can be processed raw, without the need for saline or viral transport solution. 

Quick result

To diagnose covid-19, simply insert the sample into the device and press a button. Green indicates negative for Sars-Cov-2 and red indicates positive. 

Identification of the sample by means of barcode reader


In parallel with clinical trials, Radiolife is preparing the documentation for the authorization process with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) for the marketing of the Cube Scan. As soon as the authorizations are issued, large-scale manufacturing will be arranged. To stay up to date with Cube Scan news, click here to subscribe to our newsletter. 

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